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2018 Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Rowing Machine Review

The popularity of the Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Bowing Machine has grown so widely on the market that it is now considered one of the most well-known rowing machines in the UK. The efforts of research and development that went into making this machine spanned well over ten years. The developers of this product have built and designed it to the greatest standards. The on-board workout consoles of the R100 remains one of the most sophisticated, and addresses major user feedback on noise of rowing machine, and capability at enabling complete stroke for users who are taller. A magnetic air resistance system is one of the incredible features of the R100. This system offers 24 levels of resistance which automatically modify during the process of each program. Continue reading

Infinti R100 Rowing Machine

The Infinti R100 is an amazing, high-end rowing machine at an excellent price.

The Concept 2 rower is probably one of the most sought after rowing machines on the market, but the R100 really gives it a run for its money.

It is usually priced between £640 – £800 and can be bought from several online fitness equipment retailers. It has a generous 16 levels of resistance, uses air & magnetic resistance and a heart rate monitor can be attached.

Best Price
Powerhouse Fitness – £679.99

Amazon – £679.99

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