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Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell

Bodymax Selectabell Pair

The innovative design of the BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell basically gives you a full set of weights in just one pair of dumbbells. There are two variations of this product, one goes up to 25kg while the larger dumbbell goes right up to 32.5kg.

Key Features:

  • Several different weights in one dumbbell
  • The UK’s best selling dumbbell
  •  Change weights at the turn of a dial
  • Can be bought individually or in pair
  • Two variations available, a 25kg selection and a 32kg selection

Design features

The BodyMax selectable dumbbells are adjustable, and this is one of the key design features it possesses that makes it unique. So much effort and care have been put into the design to make it look unique and flawless.

The dumbbell is configured in a way that will enable gradual alteration in the weight. The lighter weight plates are placed at the end of the dumbbells, thereby making it possible to adjust the weight by 2.5kg rather than 5kg. This arrangement will result in continuous and apparent improvement.

As a result of the way BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells work (choosing the number of weight plates you attach to the dumbbell), it will be helpful to have a rack where the weight plates that you don’t choose can be placed.

Each dumbbell has a handle that is comfortable to hold. You will be okay lifting the dumbbells with or without gloves. It has a design that is better than most of the dumbbells in the market.

You can purchase also purchase the BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells with a rack which has been specially designed to hold the weight plates for these particular dumbbells.

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Exercise Ideas

One of the considerable advantages of having a decent quality arrangement of dumbbells is the variety of exercises one can perform with them. BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells have been designed to fit with a range of workouts perfectly.

Both the lower and upper body exercises are possible, and also both isolation and compound movements can be done with this product.

Some of the exercises possible with these dumbbells are listed below:

  • Hammer curls (Biceps, Brachialis)
  • Lying tricep extensions (Triceps)
  • Overhead tricep extensions (Triceps)
  •  Tricep kickbacks (Triceps)
  •  Lunges (Quads, Glutes)
  • Dumbbell rows (Back)
  • Dumbbell curls (Biceps)
  • Side lateral raises (Shoulders)
  • Shrugs (Traps)
  • Seated shoulder press (Shoulders, Triceps)
  • Bench press (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)

Description of BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell Dumbbells

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells will combine perfectly with other gym products you already have. It comes with a new, sleek and modern design. It has an impressive weight range and can be adjusted between 2.5Kg and 25Kg. The adjustment can be made adding or reducing 2.5kg weight just like it is done in a commercial gym.

You can quickly adjust the weight with a simple button. By holding the button and twisting the dial, you can change the weight to that of your need. This product is also essential when you are considering your space and time. It doesn’t require much space to workout using this equipment.

You can purchase the 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells with the rack, in pairs or individually.

Product Info

Powerhouse Fitness sells this product for a pocket-friendly amount of £249.00 on Amazon. It comes in two (2) colours – grey and white. It has a pair of the dumbbell of 25kg each which total 50kg. The dumbbells are adjustable which makes it have an advantage over fixed-weight dumbbells.

SelectaBell Dumbbells vs. Fixed Weight Dumbbells

In spite of the fact that there are arguments for and against each kind of dumbbell set, it’s hard to decide on which set is superior to the other. Everything depends on your requirement and preference.

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells will consume less space compared to different pairs of fixed weight dumbbells. At the same time, it will be easier and quicker to switch between different weights of fixed weight dumbbells which will suit training such as drop set.

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells will use up less space than different sets of fixed weight dumbbells. This product is the ideal for you if you are considering space or want to move your dumbbells to another location. The advantage of the selectable dumbbell is that its weight is adjustable and can be quickly moved from one place to another. Unlike the fixed weight dumbbells where the whole set will have to be moved around.

Why I Like This Product.

BodyMax 25kg SelectaBell dumbbells are well-constructed dumbbells and are durable. The adjusting technique is simple and easy to use. The product is reliable and will last for a very long time. All the weight plates are expertly attached to two dumbbells, and that will help to save space. It has the edge over fixed-weight dumbbells. It looks beautiful and compact. It is cheaper than other similar products of the same quality, and it is straightforward to use.

I so much like this product. I have tried different dumbbells, and I still use this particular one every time. The design is so good that it feels cool when trying the most massive weight. It is an excellent dumbbell.

The Bodymax Selectabell dumbbell usually comes with free UK delivery, is easy to use and is manufactured by Bodymax.

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Proform 600i Treadmill Review

Lady using the Proform 600i.

Not all of us can hit the streets every morning running as part of our fitness plan, this is as a result of very many reasons. Treadmills are the next best thing when this is the case.

In fact, there are many treadmills on the market, many of which pack such features and specs that they actually beat the actual act of running.

Imagine the prospect of running through the (simulated) streets of Barcelona, Bogota or basically any other city in the world with all the bends, terrain and curves present. All you have to do is download your preferred Google maps route; or create your own, if that’s what you like, push a button and you’re ready to roll with the Proform 600i.

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What’s to Love about the Proform 600i?

This treadmill is packed with a number of amazing features that sets it apart quite well from the crowd. They are discussed in this section.

  • Foldable SpaceSaverTM Design

Treadmills can take a lot of space, thereby dissuading those who have limited spaces from trying to own one. The foldable design on this Proform 600i makes it possible to exercise, stow away the apparatus so the space can be used for other purposes. It also makes it easy to move around and use in different places for comfort.

It also allows the gym/workout space to look less clogged up, giving freedom in design and decoration.

  • Innovative ProShoxTM Cushioning

Well, there’s no point exercising if it will continually injure you, this treadmill won’t though. It’s ProShox Cushioning let’s the exercise get into the muscles but reduces impacts on the joints for better workouts and faster recovery.

  • 2.75 CHP Mach Z Drive System

The drive system on this treadmill is specially designed to meet with users exercising needs at all times, no matter how fast or slow. The Mach Z drive system on it cools its components as it works, thereby providing longevity of performance both short-term and long-term.

Trust the 600i to deliver consistent power and endurance to match yours because really, there’s no point exercising if your treadmill cannot keep up.

  • Rounds Watts LED Display

Based on specially designed algorithm, the software of this treadmill follows up your exercise and displays to you the details of it. It shows where you are in your workout regime – so you can know when you’re on your endurance mode, tempo mode or if you have reached peak zone. This even helps to charge you up and fuel your endurance since you can see your goal ahead of you.

Slow, steady workout is the combination for endurance mode while tempo mode keeps you in your ideal heart rate (based on calculations using your age and body size) and the peak zone is your maximum cardio level.

The treadmill can also help you carry out interval exercises by pushing the right buttons to kick things up and slow them down.

  • iFit Sync

The Proform 600i connects with your iFit account and delivers the best of workout assisting software. It is Bluetooth synced and with this iFit Enabled feature, it is able to do some amazing stuff, the highlight of which is terrain recreation.

With this, you can connect to Google Maps and use the routes of any city in the world or one designed by you. It re-enacts bumps and curves in the trail to give that experience of running on the actual locations in question.

It also boasts an unlimited workout library containing regimes designed by professional trainers to help you transition and achieve amazing results in no time.

  • QuickSpeed and QuickIncline Digital Controls.

0-20 kph speed controls and 0-12% inclination controls come as part of the setup to spice up exercising on this amazing device. QuickSpeed helps you to adjust your speed levels at a touch without breaking your stride while QuickIncline helps to alter the inclination of the terrain also with a touch.

  • Integrated Tablet Holder and Musical Devices Ports.

Now you can catch your favourite shows and movies as you work out with the ingrained tablet holder which stands any tablet in a comfortable position for your eyes and neck. As part of the entertainment repertoire, the music ports lets you connect a host of mp3 players including an iPod so you can listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts or whatever you’re into as you run.

Other Notables

  • Grip Pulse EKG to monitor your vitals in real time as you exercise.
  • CoolAire Workout Fan that has a variable speed setting, so you can control how you feel while working out.
  • 1.9″ Precision Machined and Balanced Rear Roller which are Non-flex designed to minimize heat damage on the belts and reduce maintenance costs and frequency.
  • Maximum body weight of 125kg can be carried comfortably on the machine.



It goes without saying that this is a very good treadmill. Beginners and professional marathoners alike will find this machine a worthy fit for them. The combination of useful lifestyle features makes it even more useful for those looking to a way to ass workout to their busy schedules. Get this treadmill and you can read your emails in the morning while you run it off before heading to work.

The foldable design is also another selling point which means that you do not have to possess a dedicated gym space to use this device and even if you do, it will only take up minimal space.

Verdict, it is a treadmill certainly worth every cent spent on it and should be a serious. contender if you are in the market for a treadmill.

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2018 Review Of BodyMax B2 Exercise Bike

Bodymax B2

The Bodymax B2 is a stationary indoor exercise bicycle that has an overall appearance that resembles a sports bicycle without real cycle wheels; it comes in dissemble parts and is designed to be installed to fit into any good workout area.

Following the help of the assembly guide in the user’s manual, it should take just around 30 minutes to assemble this equipment for use, and it stands at the height of about 1 meter tall and a length of 1.25 meter long when assembled and installed.

The owner’s manual is very detailed with diagrams to show the stages and their expected appearance if successfully fitted, and there is also a safety notice for precautions to follow when using this equipment.


This spin bike is absolutely fantastic for high-intensity interval training which is a great way to improve your fitness level if you have a busy lifestyle. The stylish structure of the Bodymax B2 has the saddle at a level close to the level of the handlebars to fit the purpose of training for a bicycle race sport. The pedals are positioned to give equal stretch to the legs like a real outdoor bicycle and an LCD in between the handlebars that shows workout parameters.

The pedals on the Bodymax B2 has foot protective straps and are connected by a 2-way bearing and a chain system to a smooth running 13kg flywheel of 0.46 meter in diameter. It also has a 3 step tension adjuster to change resistance strength that serves as more load to the muscles in the leg and improve the exercise effects.

The saddles and handlebars are designed to be adjustable both horizontally and vertically to give the user the desired posture comfort, and the maximum user weight is something around 125kg. It comes in a package with metric dimensions as 109 x 83 x 20 cm and an overall weight of 34 Kg so that it can be lifted by one person without stress.

The posture of the user when cycling is essential to safety and the Bodymax B2 gives a posture that looks like the body position on an outdoor bicycle; the person’s head is positioned ahead of the body, while the person’s body assumes an S-shape with both hands extended forward to reach the handlebars. This body position keeps the muscles alert and stretched out; the spinal cord is kept in a healthy position because the neck, back muscles, and the hips are allowed to assume the same level in position during exercise.

Just like many other stationary indoor cycles, the Bodymax B2 can be used to improve muscle tone, endurance and lose weight.

The LCD device that is installed in between the handles displays the feedback of the user’s speed, the assumed distance covered, the time of the cycle and flywheel revolutions per minute. It becomes more interactive as it also displays the number of calories burnt and the temperature of the system; there is often a telemetric receiver meant to be strapped to the chest for heart rate feedback that comes with the equipment.

The Bodymax B2 stationary exercise cycle provides the user a strong robust frame with stable balance for fitness building and the mechanisms in the cranks casing have lubricated bearings that meet the rigid German Tüv safety standards. There is a water bottle seated in a can holder at the center frame connecting the handlebar area to the large frame where the saddle sits.

The Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle comes with 2 options of colour, the first being blue and white, and the other black and yellow. Personally I feel that the black and yellow version looks a lot sleeker so I would definitely opt for this one.

The reviews from around the web on these bikes are mainly positive and more reviews can be read using the link below.

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Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike

Bodymax B2 White

Bodymax B2 in White

Bodymax B2 Bike in Black

Bodymax B2 Bike in Black

The Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle comes with 2 options of colour, the first being blue and white, and the other black and yellow. Personally I feel that the black and yellow version looks a lot sleeker so I would definitely opt for this one.

The reviews from around the web on these bikes are mainly positive and more reviews can be read using the link below.

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ProForm Tour De France Indoor Cycle

ProForm Tour De France

The ProForm Tour De France Indoor Bike is one of the coolest studio bikes on the market. It’s a great quality build, has plenty of features including the ability to ride anywhere in the world via Google Maps.

This TDF bike also comes with IPod connectivity, the ability to create your own courses and mimics the ride and feel of a real road bike.

Best Price

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Life Fitness F3 Treadmill with Track or Go Console

The Life Fitness T3 Treadmill comes with either the Track or Go console and is a top of the range treadmill and comes with all the functionality you would expect from a top of the range treadmill.

One of the impressive aspects of many Life Fitness treadmills is the FlexDeck® shock absorption system that massively reduces impact to joints while running.

The Life Fitness T3, when bought with the Track console, is compatible with a multitude of Apple devices.

Best Price


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BH Fitness F5 Treadmill

A mid-range medium-spec treadmill that would make the ideal treadmill for the average runner.

It comes with the ability to wirelessly measure your heart rate and the chest strap is usually included. It also has a range of other features that you would expect from a modern treadmill such as the ability to design your own fitness programs.

This item also comes with a 3 years parts and labour warranty from most online retailers and weighs approximately 108kgs.

Best Price

Pure Fitness and Sports  -£1199.99

Gym Company – £899.00

Gym Ratz – 899.00


Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a compact & robust home cross trainer that is available to buy online.

This cross trainer is available to buy from a number of online retailers, with some offering Saturday delivery at an extra cost.

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Best Prices

Amazon – £349.00

Additional Information

Check that when you are buying online that the item comes with the 3 year warranty. Information relating to this can usually be found on their companies website.

Spinner Fit Spin Bike

Spinner Fit Spin Bike

Spinner Fit Spin Bike

When you buy a Spinner Fit Bike you are buying from the brand that popularised spin bikes across the world.

The Spinner Fit Spin Bike is the natural choice for anyone wanting a spin style workout at home. Spin Bikes can be used for high-intensity interval training, which is a form of exercise that allows you to get the full benefits of exercise in a shorter period of time, perfect for the busy individual.

With an impressive 14kg flywheel, 4 free DVDs and the kind of customisation you would expect from a spin cycle, you will not be disapointed if you decide to purchase a new spin bike.

Best Price

Powerhouse Fitness – £429 with free UK delivery and free Spinner workout console

Amazon – £429 with free UK delivery


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