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2018 Review Of BodyMax B2 Exercise Bike

Bodymax B2

The Bodymax B2 is a stationary indoor exercise bicycle that has an overall appearance that resembles a sports bicycle without real cycle wheels; it comes in dissemble parts and is designed to be installed to fit into any good workout area.

Following the help of the assembly guide in the user’s manual, it should take just around 30 minutes to assemble this equipment for use, and it stands at the height of about 1 meter tall and a length of 1.25 meter long when assembled and installed. Continue reading

Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike

Bodymax B2 White

Bodymax B2 in White

Bodymax B2 Bike in Black

Bodymax B2 Bike in Black

The Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle comes with 2 options of colour, the first being blue and white, and the other black and yellow. Personally I feel that the black and yellow version looks a lot sleeker so I would definitely opt for this one.

The reviews from around the web on these bikes are mainly positive and more reviews can be read using the link below.

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ProForm Tour De France Indoor Cycle

ProForm Tour De France

The ProForm Tour De France Indoor Bike is one of the coolest studio bikes on the market. It’s a great quality build, has plenty of features including the ability to ride anywhere in the world via Google Maps.

This TDF bike also comes with IPod connectivity, the ability to create your own courses and mimics the ride and feel of a real road bike.

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Life Fitness F3 Treadmill with Track or Go Console

The Life Fitness T3 Treadmill comes with either the Track or Go console and is a top of the range treadmill and comes with all the functionality you would expect from a top of the range treadmill.

One of the impressive aspects of many Life Fitness treadmills is the FlexDeck® shock absorption system that massively reduces impact to joints while running.

The Life Fitness T3, when bought with the Track console, is compatible with a multitude of Apple devices.

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BH Fitness F5 Treadmill

A mid-range medium-spec treadmill that would make the ideal treadmill for the average runner.

It comes with the ability to wirelessly measure your heart rate and the chest strap is usually included. It also has a range of other features that you would expect from a modern treadmill such as the ability to design your own fitness programs.

This item also comes with a 3 years parts and labour warranty from most online retailers and weighs approximately 108kgs.

Best Price

Pure Fitness and Sports  -£1199.99

Gym Company – £899.00

Gym Ratz – 899.00


Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Kettler Calypso 800 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a compact & robust home cross trainer that is available to buy online.

This cross trainer is available to buy from a number of online retailers, with some offering Saturday delivery at an extra cost.

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Best Prices

Amazon – £349.00

Additional Information

Check that when you are buying online that the item comes with the 3 year warranty. Information relating to this can usually be found on their companies website.

Spinner Fit Spin Bike

Spinner Fit Spin Bike

Spinner Fit Spin Bike

When you buy a Spinner Fit Bike you are buying from the brand that popularised spin bikes across the world.

The Spinner Fit Spin Bike is the natural choice for anyone wanting a spin style workout at home. Spin Bikes can be used for high-intensity interval training, which is a form of exercise that allows you to get the full benefits of exercise in a shorter period of time, perfect for the busy individual.

With an impressive 14kg flywheel, 4 free DVDs and the kind of customisation you would expect from a spin cycle, you will not be disapointed if you decide to purchase a new spin bike.

Best Price

Powerhouse Fitness – £429 with free UK delivery and free Spinner workout console

Amazon – £429 with free UK delivery


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