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2018 Review Of BodyMax B15 Exercise Bike

Bodymax B15 Indoor Bike in black

Sometimes it is not easy to find time to go to the gym in between your daily activities, and other times the gym session are just not enough for you to get to the fitness level you want to attain. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be a great way to workout at home and there is nothing better for this than a really good studio bike. The big cousin of the Bodymax B2, the BodyMax B15, offers fantastic value for money.

Below is all you need to know before you buy a BodyMax B15:

How Comfortable is BodyMax B15

Everything on the bike is made in such a way that you can quickly adjust them; you can tweak them to suit your personal comfort. The seat can be moved either up or down to fit people of different heights, and you can also move it forward or backward so you can feel comfortable during the exercise.


The handle bars can be adjusted by pushing them downwards or flipping upwards to assist with stronger grip when you want to have a speed cycling training. The position of the computer is strategic as it is located on one of the handlebars, so you can easily see how far you have gone or if you have attained what you had planned for the day.

It is hard not to love the ease with which adjustments can be made on the bike for your comfort, and it’s simply just about pulling out the levers, placing the handlebars or seats in the suitable position and putting the levers back in—yes, It’s that easy. The bike is totally stable when fixed properly. There will be no case of seat wobbling during the workout, and the handlebars are locked in a perfect position. They don’t move no matter how hard you pull when cycling.

Weighing 18kg, the flywheel assists you in pedalling smoothly; it doesn’t only make your cycling comfortable, but it also helps to avoid knee ache even if you have been cycling for a long time as part of your workout.

When cycling with the machine, for the first four or five rotations you might find it a little difficult, but it quickly balances out well, and you will sense the difference in how you pedal. The pedals are wide and feel comfortable, and they have straps that can be easily adjusted.

The smooth grips on the pedals are one to love as they allow you cycle barefooted without any discomfort—although for safety reasons you are advised to put on trainer shoes when using any exercise equipment. You might notice some noise when using it, and as you pick up the pace, the sound reduces. If you use headphones while cycling, this will not be an issue. It is easy to assemble, as it might take 30 minutes or less to prepare the bike for cycling.


How is the Computer?

The computer that comes with it is excellent. It is quite simple to use and easy to interpret. The display is large, clear, accurate, and responsive

There are several things you should take note of on the computer like the distance covered, how many calories you’ve burnt off, your speed, and how long you have been cycling.

Bodymax b15 in white

How is the Bike Design?

The design of the bike is fantastic. There are two versions, a white and a black version with the black usually being slightly more expensive.

Obviously, you might have leg aches after cycling for a long distance, but this bike is incredibly comfortable compared to cheaper models.

The equipment comes with a water bottle, and there is a water bottle holder—this feature is useful. The bottle provided will not last forever so you might want to buy yours as an alternative.

The wide leg design gives the bike a tremendous amount of stability, making it ideal for slow endurance workout or fast spinning classes. The maximum weight a user should have is 120kg.

The Verdict?

If you are in need of something efficient, that doesn’t have many fancy features to distract you while you ride in comfort, you should try the BodyMax B15 exercise bike.

Find the best price for this bike today.

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